Big traverse of the High Atlas mountains from Mguon to Toubkal

At 4,167m, Mount Toubkal (4167m) is the highest mountain in North Africa. The hike to the summit is challenging, but it requires no mountaineering experience and the panoramic view from his summit makes the hard work worthwhile.
We have included the option of ascending three of the Atlas’ high peaks, Mgoun (4068m / 13350ft), Anghomar (3608m. / 11,837ft) and Jebel Toubkal (4167m / 13671ft). Rich in cultural interest and wildlife, this is recognized to be one of the finest mountain walks in the world. On our return to Marrakech, we have time to explore the old Arab quarter, famous for its souks (markets) and for the quality of its handicrafts.

Day 1: Airport Marrakech – Hotel

We will be waiting for you at the airport in Marrakech. We then transfer you to the hotel in the center of the city. While all the participants arrive, you can spend the afternoon visiting Marrakech.

Day 2: Marrakech – Azilal – Ait Bouguemmaz – Agouti – Azib n’Ikkis

Your day will begin in Marrakech and end at the camp in Ikkis. You will pass through many different places, some on your 5 and a half hour drive and the rest on your 3 hours of walking to get to your first camp.

Day 3: Azib n’Ikkis – Tarkeddit Pass – Tarkeddit Plateau.

Beginning from Ikkis, you and your guides and team will trek through the Tarkeddit Pass at 3450m before arriving at your camp, on the Tarkeddit Plateau at around 2900m. It should take around 5 hours and 30 minutes to get to the camp.

Day 4: Tarkeddit Plateau – M’goun Summit – Tarkeddit Plateau.

An 8-9 hour day will see you ascend to the summit of M’Goun, the second highest peak in the Atlas range at 4068m. The views from the peak are amazing and make the ascent well worth the effort. When you descend, you will stay the night in the same camp.

Day 5: Tarkeddit Plateau – Tassaoute – Amezri – Imin Ikkis

From the Tarkeddit Plateau, you and your group can then strike out for 6 hours to arrive at Imin Ikkis, where you’ll make camp for the night. From the Plateau, at 2900m, your journey will take you up to 3200m at the Sdremt Pass and through the beautiful and wild North African countryside.

Day 6: Imin Ikkis- Ichebbaken – Ait Hamza – Ait Ali n’ Itto

From Imin Ikkis, you’ll journey through more stunning wilderness to arrive at the Ait Ali n’ Itto camp after about 6 hours of trekking.

Day 7: Ait Ali n’ Itto – Megdaz – Tagought- Tizin Fedghat :

Another 6 hours of travelling and you will have risen 800m and descended 200m by the time you arrive at your next camp, Tizin Fedghat.

Day 8: Tizin Fedghat – Tamzrit – Ineghmar – Lac Tamda – Azib Anfergal :

The next trip of your adventure will take you up to Lac Tamda, a beautiful lake set into the mountains that you should arrive at about half way through your day. 6 hours of trekking will take you past the lake, the Ineghmar Pass and eventually through to Azib Anfergal, where you will make your camp, at 2600m above sea level.

Day 9: Azib Anfergal – Tighza n’Ouaourikt – Tizin Telouat :

Your adventure will then take you to toward Anemiter, and eventually your next camp at the foot of Tizin Telouat.

Day 10: Tizi n’Telouat – Bergeries – Titoula – Taddert :

6 hours of trekking in the beautiful wilderness of North Africa will bring you and your party to Taddert, where you can camp, rest and reflect on your day’s journey through Tizi n’Telouat ,Bergeries and Titoula.

Day 11: Taddert – Afra Plateau – Afra Village – Assif n’ Zat :

On this day, you’ll visit the village and the plateau of Afra on your 5 hour trek to the next camp near to Assif n’ Zat. Berber villages are welcoming places and full of history, culture and the ways of mountain life.

Day 12: Assif n’ Zat – Afra – Assats – Assif n Zat – Azgour :

After the villages, you and the group will be taken along some beautiful North African gorges by the guides. You’ll ultimately camp at Azgour, at around 1800, after a 6 hour day of discovery.

Day 13: Azgour – Ouarzast Villages – Yagour :

To get to the camp at Yagour, you will need to traverse 6 hours of beautiful Berber countryside, past native bergeries (sheep-pens) and up to Yagour’s plateau.

Day 14: Yagour – Ait Iguerane – Taddert n’Aghbalou – Setti Fadma :

By the 14th day you will be deep into the North African countryside and landscape. Your adventure will continue for 6 hours until you arrive at Setti Fadma for a rest and some food. This will be your camp for night.

Day 15: Agadir ‘Ait Boulemane – Anefli – Kissaria – Azib n’likkemt :

Today, your adventure will take you up to an altitude of 2500m above sea level. The journey will take you through some beautiful areas including the Kissaria Gorge, which does not appear on any of Brahim and Mohamed’s other treks. A day of 6 hours in the Moroccan countryside will see you making camp at Azib n’likkemt.

Day 16: Azib n’likkemt – Tifni – Azib n Tifni – Taghbaloute :

From an altitude of 2500m at Azib n’likkemt, you and your guides will ascend via the Tifni Pass to 2900m and on to your next camp at Taghbaloute. The entire day should bring you around 6 and half hours of trekking and stunning wilderness.

Day 17: Taghbaloute – Tissaldai – Amsouert – Ait Iguerane – Lac Ifni :

Your adventure will take you to another stunning mountain lake, equally as beautiful as the last, called Lake Ifni. Starting from Taghbaloute, you’ll head through Tissalda, Amsouert, Ait Iguerane and Chez Balaid to make camp on the shores of the lake at 2400m.

Day 18: Lac Ifni – Ouanomss Pass – Toubkal Refuge :

From the lake, you will then trek over to the summit of North Africa, the mighty Toubkal and make camp at the foot of the Atlas’ highest peak. You’ll cover 6 hours of beautiful terrain, including the Ouanomss Pass, and ascend to an altitude of 3700m.

Day 19: Toubkal Camp – Mount Toubkal – Toubkal Base Camp :

From your camp at Toubkal, you and the group can then ascend to the roof of the North Africa’s, Mount Toubkal, which is an epic 4167m above sea level. After you have made the 8 hour ascent, you will be treated to a view of Morocco that includes its deserts, cities and the High Atlas Mountains themselves; your camp will be the same as the previous night.

Day 20: Toubkal – Imlil – Marrakech :

Today will see your adventure drawing to a close. From Imlil, you will be returned to Marrakech and your hotel base, where you can have a hot shower and breakfast.

Day 21: Marrakech :

FREE DAY in Marrakech. Discover the famous red city, visit the immense souk (market), and plunge into the excitement of the place Jemaa el-Fna in the heart of Morocco.

Day 22: Marrakech – Airport :

Transfer to airport & fly to home


Cancellation / Prepayment

  • Transport to and from Marrakech
  • Qualified English speaking guide
  • Mules to carry the baggage and food
  • Accommodation in local houses, tent or refuge
  • All food during the trek
  • Cook to prepare all meals



  • Personal insurance
  • Tip
  • Drinks

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