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The mountain biking tours in the High Atlas and Berber villages are incredible. Spanning 7 days, these tours give you plenty of time to discover Morocco's rugged landscapes and beautiful scenery. You'll journey through the heart of Berber villages, providing you with a unique opportunity to experience the local culture and traditions firsthand. The biking routes are tough but highly rewarding, offering stunning views of the Atlas Mountains and surrounding valleys. If you're an adventure lover and enjoy mountain biking, this tour is worth considering. "Fantastic Mountain Biking Tours: High Atlas & Berber Villages (7 Days).

We ride our bikes through isolated Berber villages that cling to the steep slopes of the High Atlas Mountains. We explore these villages and enjoy some incredible, lengthy mountain biking descents for which the area is known. It’s a genuine adventure in an ancient and captivating land and culture!

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Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrived at Marrakech, Reception by our staff, check at the hotel / Riad.

    Night at the hotel / Riad.

  • Day 2 Depart by Minibus, direction Demnate 110 kms – imin Ouaqqa (1900m).

    3H biking/ 42 km /rises positif and negatif 200 m Night at Berber house.

  • Day 3 Imin Ouaqqua (1900 m) – Tizin Tirghist (2390 m) – Abachkou – (1750 m) – Iskattafen.

    3H biking/ 43 kms / denivele positif 500 m and negatif 600 m Night at Berber house or camp.

  • Day 4 Iskattafen – Ait Bouguemmaz – Col Tirghist (2640 m)- Assemsouq –Zaouiat Ahansal.

    4/5h biking/ 56 kms / denivele positif 1300 m and negatif 1100 m Night at Berber house or camp.

  • Day 5 Amezrai (1600 m) – Rockets – Anergui (1800m).

    6/7h biking /75kms / denivele positif 550 m and negatif 500 m Night at Berber house or camp.

  • Day 6 Anergui – Col Roud N’ Iroul (2480 m) – Tasrafte.

    4/5h biking /50kms / denivele positif 1000 m and negatif 600 m Night at Berber house or camp.

  • Day 7 Tasrafte – Marrakech.

    After breakfast, leave for 2h biking and way back to Marrakech afterwards 2h biking / 30kms / 400 kms by car Night at the hotel /std Riad.

Trip Essential Info

When cycling, it's important to bring along a variety of essential items. Here's a helpful list to ensure you have everything you need:
The Two Essentials:

- Bike- Helmet

Core Gear:

- Hydration packs and water bottles
- Protective eyewear (sunglasses or clear lenses)
- Gloves
- First-aid supplies (refer to our First-Aid Checklist)

Core Repair Items:

- Spare tube or tubes (and/or patch kit)
- Compact pump
- Tyre levers
- Bicycle multi-tool equipped with Allen keys


- Wicking jersey or top
- Footwear suitable for bike pedals
- Padded shorts or tights
- Cycling socks
- Rainwear
- Weatherproof gloves
- Stowaway wind jacket
- Insulating layer(s) for chilly environments
- Buff/bandana/skullcap
- Arm/leg warmers

Gear Options:

- Lock
- Water bottles with cages
- Cycling computer and/or GPS
- Compass
- Saddle or handlebar bag
- Wrist altimeter
- Headlight
- Taillight
- Emergency whistle

Repair Kit Options:

- Patch kit
- Spare tire
- Pressure gauge
- Chain tool
- CO2 inflator (with cartridges)
- Replacement chain links
- Spare spokes (minimum of 6)
- Lubricant
- Spoke wrench
- Brake and derailleur cables
- 6" adjustable wrench
- Assorted nuts and bolts
- General-purpose multi-tool
- Duct tape

Freeriding Gear:

- Full-face helmet
- Elbow pads
- Shin guards
- Upper body protection

Personal Items:

- Medical Information/Emergency Contact Card
- Sunscreen
- Lip balm
- Insect repellent
- Chamois cream
- Small, quick-dry towel (for cleanups)
- Baby wipes (for cleanups)
- Toilet paper and/or tissue
- Lunch/snacks
- Performance food/gels/drinks
- Maps
- Guidebook or route description
- Trailhead permit (if needed)
- Camera
- Cell phone
- Cash/credit card/ID

Trip Includes & Excludes

  • All accommodation during the trip
  • Meals as specified in the Trip
  • Full tour service including guide
  • support staff and support vehicle
  • Mint tea, bottled drinking water
  • Airport transfers to and from Marrakech Airport
  • Bike hire (if applicable)
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for local guides/drivers

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